Sunday, March 30, 2008


It has been awhile, but with Mandi's help we are back.
  • The first pictures are of the Primary talent show. Of course Mikey did Lego's and Dad played the piano.
  • For Mikey's birthday he wanted Lego's and a Tom Brady Jersey. He was WAY excited!
  • The other morning we got a call from our neighbor Karen and she told us that there was a Moose in her backyard. He ended up at the care center and the Forest Service had to move him back into the mountain.
  • Mikey and the Johnson boys were playing basketball and Mikey took a elbow to the lip. Ouch!
  • The last picture is of the Pine Wood Derby. He didn't place, but we had lots of fun.

Mom and Dad are leaving for Florida, so fun Florida pictures to come!!!!!!