Sunday, May 17, 2009

People of London

We so enjoyed the many people we encountered in the UK. The diversity of culture and their friendly light hearted approach to life was wonderful. Below is a familiar sight - The Bobbies were great.
In the city of Bath, among other things they are famous for, is what is called a Bath Bun. It is a sweet roll with sugar and fruit on top. Here Vandi is asking directions on how to get to the bakery where we can find a Bath Bun.
Success. Russ, Denise and Vandi enjoying a "Bath Bun."

A new friend that Denise found at Punch and Judy's pub.

Street Vendor. Despite rumors to the contrary, we found the food in London wonderful.

Brits take their sports very seriously. A group of fans headed to a rugby match.

A jugglers assistant.

Vandi, Denise and Russ enjoying the magician.

The street performer ( magician ) had everyone so intent on his act. The following few pictures are many of them watching.

These kids were so enthralled with the action, they had no idea I was shooting these shots.

Wonderful, beautiful People of the UK.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

London Street Performers

We thought Sami would get a kick out of this guy. Vandi couldn't resist.
One of our favorite areas of London was Covent Gardens. The musicians and other performers would set up in different areas of the square. We would wander around watching and listening.

A great band.

This guy was a birdman. He would do bird calls and other very strange things.

Vandi's favorite was this magician. He was very entertaining and I spent quite a bit of time photographing the people watching his show. ( Those photos in a later post ) This girl was so cute, I have several great shots of her.

Card tricks

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

London continued

This is the tower bridge. Often mistaken for the London Bridge. At least by us.
The Hyde Park LDS chapel. It also houses the Family History Center and Mission Office. We went to sacrament meeting on Sunday. A very interesting experience. We loved it.

This is the balcony bar of Punch and Judy's pub. The kids were watching a street performer down below. Sorry about the quick turnaround from the church picture to the bar picture. We did behave ourselves. They serve a great lemonade ( sprite ).

Part of the City of Bath. It was so beautiful and fun to visit. About 2 hours outside of London.
Stayed tuned for more.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another Chapter

Big Ben - One of the many wonderful sites in London.
This is a living statue. He is very much alive. One of the many street performers that we enjoyed so much. He would move only when someone would put a coin in the cup at his feet.

A bike taxi. A very fun way to get around in central London. Can be a little intimidating, as it often is right in the middle of the traffic with the cars and buses.

Three classics of London. Big Ben, Double Decker bus and black taxis.

The London eye.
More to come.

Friday, May 1, 2009

More of the good times in Jolly ol London

Ross McQuivey was in London on business so we met him and had dinner. Also pictured are Barb, Andy and Lil, friends of Ross. It was truly one of our favorite evenings in the UK.
Main entrance to Windsor castle.

Windsor castle. Notice the flag at the top, which means the Queen was in residence. Her flag follows wherever she is.

Guard at Windsor.