Sunday, November 28, 2010


It is the time of year that the family gathers for that event called the Allred Thanksgiving.  For many years when asked,  I have tried in vain to explain what it is we do.  But the common man cannot begin to understand how 70 to 100 people could gather in a gym, eat until sick, then spend the next 4 hours playing dodgeball, basketball and volleyball and consider it Thanksgiving.  Let alone a "fun" activity.  We who have married into the traditions are still mystified by the ritual.  Despite some our efforts to submarine the entire event, the next generation has taken the vow to continue the insanity.  As evidence of this, for the past couple of Allred Thanksgivings, Amy and Trent have considered it "fun" to start the day with a 5K run/walk, aka the Gobble Gallop.  A few well meaning, but slightly demented individuals made the effort this year despite the 16 degree below temps. 

Emily, Sami, Dustin and Mandi trying to keep a stiff upper lip.  Actually it was easy as their lips were frozen.
Sami and Mandi.  Yes those are "natural frost" highlights in Mandi's hair.

The entire gang.  Trent, Emily, Amy, Sami, Mandi, Larry, Kimi, Luke, Kade and Dustin.  Yes, I took the picture.  No I was not brain damaged enough to run.