Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun Snowmobile Photos

Clay and Derek on a ride up the Dry Fork.
Derek Big Air.

Derek skipping across the pond and Derek slamming the bank of the other side

#170 Ride on Forever.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mike's 101

I really can't believe that my family talked me into doing this, but I really have enjoyed reading those that have been posted.

1. I was born in 1958 in Greybull Wyoming. Yes I am older than dirt

2. My brother Jerry and I were born in the same hospital, but on the birth certificates it says that I was born in Greybull and Jerry in Basin. Figure that one out.

3. I got my first job when I was 5 years old. Mowing the Michaelson sisters lawn. It would take me all day. ( I think they have laws against that now)

4. We would steal crab apples from the neighbors trees and eat until we were sick. (The neighbors would stand in their windows and laugh at us. We thought we were so sneeky.)

5. My favorite vehicle was my 1960 Chevy Shortbed pickup I had in high school.

6. I grew up in the era of embroidered Levis. ( If you don't know what that is you did not go to high school in the 70's).

7. I loved to raid gardens by doing belly crawls for hundreds of yards so as not to be seen.

8. When I was a boy we played over the line baseball, night tag and no bears are out tonight.

9. From the time I was about 6 years old I spent hours and hours alone exploring up swift creek canyon. I would hike the creek fishing. I think there are laws now about 6 year olds doing stuff like that by themselves.

10. My greatest regret: Selling my 1956 chevy sedan for $25.

11. We had neighborhood sleepovers with the Stocks family and others. There would be rows of sleeping bags in the back yard.

12. Greatest trauma of my young life: I once shot a swallow with my BB gun. Yes I was aiming at it, but didn't mean to kill it.

13. We had a neighbor that was a highway patrolman and he would take me on patrol with him. I blame him and my Uncle Bud for my interest in police work.

14. Because of my father I knew what a republican was before I could walk.

15. My father died on my 16th birthday.

16. Sunday afternoons were spent playing football with the neighbors on Dr. Perkes' big lawn.

17. When I was very young I remember listening to Petula Clark, Homer and Jethro and Don Ho. (Now you are starting to understand why I am the way I am.)

18. I have lived in Greybull, Basin, Afton, Bolivia, Provo, Bountiful, Fairview, the Grosventre wilderness area and Etna.

19. I played Football, Basketball and ran track in High School.

20. My coach in football said that pound for pound I was the meanest player he had ever coached.

21. I was a huge disappointment to my mother. She said I was to be her concert pianist and all I wanted to do was shoot a basketball.

22. From my earliest memories the guys always duck hunted on Thanksgiving morning. We still try and do that as often as possible.

23. I play the piano, organ, accordian and played the tuba in high school.

24. My kids love to have me play the accordian while they dance the polka in the living room.

25. For Jodie - it is pronounced crik not creek.

26. It is also Bat-trees, not batteries.

27. Also it is somewheres not somewhere.

28. Yes, I am a redneck. I love to compete with myself in how long it takes to drive somewhere. "Yep, we made it in 3 hours and 58 minutes. That has to be a new record."

29. I hate the Today Show.

30. Katie Couric has to be the worst news anchor in the history of broadcast journalism.

31. In my opinion - Michael Moore, Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant should all be deported.

32. FOX NEWS - cnn is a plague.

33. Trout should be eaten with pancakes.

34. I attended BYU - But I HATE BYU football. Go UTES.

35. I do not trust anyone with a personalized license plate.

36. I am fiercely loyal. Vandi thinks I should have been a german shephard dog.

37. I like Christmas more than I let on.

38. I like most things more than I let on.

39. Fried chicken gizzards are a delicasy.

40. My favorite color is black.

41. I hate watermelon and popsicles.

42. My favorite saying: If you're gonna be dumb - ya better be tough.

43. I use the term "idiot" to describe far too many people. I am trying to be nicer, but it seemed to fit at the time.

44. Vandi is the most wonderful, caring person I have ever met. If you think I am a mess now, could you imagine what I would be like without her in my life.

45. Vandi and I dated for 3 whole weeks before we got engaged.

46. We were so poor when we first got married that we lived in a tent for 3 months.

47. Actually I was an elk hunting guide and she wrangled horses for me. She was pregnant at the time.

48. My children are wonderful parents.

49. Vandi edited this one out.

50. I almost deaf, but I have a great sense of smell.

51. I am very much a Nomad at heart. I get real nervous if I have been somewhere very long. (ie. in a home, area, job etc.)

52. I enjoy researching places to visit, vacation or live.

53. I love my girls ( that means you too Jodie) because: 1. They love each other. 2. They have each developed some of Vandi's characteristics. 3. The people around them are better because they are close. 4. They are free-thinkers and make their own decisions.

54. I once taught a series of chinese cooking classes. The instructor was a drunk and couldn't continue, so I just took over and completed the courses.

55. No really, you just can't make this stuff up.

56. Which reminds me, "adapt and overcome."

57. I LOVE to cook. ( I don't like to clean up - but I love to cook.)

58. What I consider my signature dishes: 1. Lemon chicken 2. Grilled Salmon 3. Brocili/ Beef
4. Shrimp Fried Rice 5. Dutch Oven - Potatoes/chicken

59. I love my boys because: 1. They all possess characteristics of Vandi. 2. They are confident but not too cocky. 3. For the most part I do not have to wait for them when we are snowmobiling. 4. They are fearless in the face of any danger. - (Snakes?) 5. They take such good care of the women/girls around them. thanks guys

60. I enjoy being alone. When too many people are around I have a tendency to vanish. I did that at my wedding reception. About half way through I just left.

61. Speaking of wedding receptions - at ours an old feller walked up and said to me," ya best watch your step, I've seen that woman ya married shoot."

62. All it takes is one look at Vandi's eyes and I go all Gaa Gaa. She just bats her eyes and she can talk me into about anything. Like Allred Thanksgivings, Allred reunions, Allred Birthday parties - well you get the idea.

63. I spend time each week researching and planning how/where I will be so I can be warm when I retire. (And be able to fish at the same time.)

64. I can't believe that this one made it to 64 without a mention. I WOULD RATHER FISH THAN EAT!!!!!!

65. Did I happen to mention that I would just rather FISH period.

66. I lived alone my first semester of college. See #60

67. Greatest Movie of all time: Jeremiah Johnson

68. Greatest actor of all time: JOHN WAYNE

69. Polaris - is there any other kind of snowmobile?

70. I have been known to do some slightly foolish things on a snowmobile.

71. I have on occasion after a snowmobile ride, had those who tagged along, call me filthy names and swear that I should be committed. (It seemed like a good idea at the time)

72. I don't hug or snuggle very well.

73. My heart still leaps when I see Vandi dressed up for church.

74. I have the smartest, cutest, best behaved grandkids ever.

75. When my family is around I like to sit in the corner and just watch everyone, especially my grandkids.

76. I love to listen to Mikey laugh.

77. Vandi's hot rolls are to DIE for. The cinnamon rolls are close, but the hot rolls are the bomb.

78. I believe in the creed: "Go Big or Go Home."

79. Vandi has told me several times that she expects me to die in an avalanche. As I get older, I am so much wiser and more careful. (That loud thump was Dustin, Clay, Tony falling off their chairs laughing). But seriously, I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. My kids and grandkids are waaaaaaaay too much fun.

80. I was a paramedic with the Davis County Sheriff's Department.

81. I was the undersheriff with Lincoln County and later the Chief of Police in Afton Wyoming.

82. Greatest Song of all time: "Long train Runnin"

83. My I pod has 70's rock on it.

84. Favorite Line from a Movie: "You've come far pilgrim." "Feels like far."

85. I was a sniper on the DCSO SWAT team.

86. Favorite Food: Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Homemade Gravy.

87. I used to like dogs, but between the dog calls as a cop and Vandi's great choices of dog breeds, I don't care much for them anymore.

88. I loved being a hobby farmer. We once ran a 100 acre farm in Etna.

89. I enjoyed raising baby calves, pigs and chicks.

90. I still enjoy changing pipes at our place in Smoot.

91. I enjoy doing family history work.

92. I tie my own fishing flies.

93. I once had a photography business.

94. Chocolate Chip Cookies should be illegal.

95. Psuedo intellectual celebrities drive me crazy. With all their glitz, tummy tucks, botox lips, lift that, lipo that and the flavor of the month green cause. They still have the audacity to give social commentary and critique on what they consider real issues. Quoting a gentleman scholar that I know - "Come on - you get paid to play pretend." (Thanks Dustin)

96. I am proud of my kids because despite the lunatic they have for a father they are wonderful, kind, open minded, contributing people. (thanks to their mother)

97. I am finishing at 97 because someone said that it needed to be a 101 list and it just wouldn't be me if I did exactly what I was told.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vandi's 101

Well, I am getting a lot of pressure from you guys to do my 101 things about me. So here goes.

1. I was born Feb 18, 1961. I was so ugly my mom cried and cried saying, "She's so ugly we'll have to give her a lot of love!!"

2. I remember being in my crib. (mom and dad had 2 cribs in their little bedroom) I remember holding my dads hand through the railing when I was scared.

3. Yes I am tearing up right now.

4. I am a cry baby.

5. I woke up for a bottle until I was 3. I woke Wow up too.

6. When I slept with Holly one time I wet the bed. she was not happy!!!

7. Love holidays and Christmas is my favorite. I practiced as well.

8. Loved playing with my family. No bears are out to night. Mean Man. Fox and Geese. Hide and seek. Annie-I-Over. Pinching Patch! any board game or cards.

9. I loved beating Grandpa Wes in Crazy Eights!!

10. I would go out in the fields and just run because I loved it!!

11. I am a rule follower.

12. Freeze Tag was my favorite game to play at recess. I was the fastest runner in my grade until junior high.

13. When I was in 2nd grade I was playing freeze tag and i had to go to the bathroom but no one was able to unfreeze me so I stood there and wet my pants. See #11.

14. I loved it when mom was sick and didn't have to go to work.

15. I wanted to be the first one done with an assignment and get 100%.

16. I am very competitive. Mostly with myself.

17. I really really really miss my dad.

18. I loved growing up with such a wonderful family. They are my best friends!

19. Living on a farm was the greatest. I love working outside. Much better than being in the house and I am sure it show.

20. It was so much fun when we packed up our old beds and went to Poker Hollow camping. Gordon Tueller stills brings it up when I see him in the grocery store. We have a good laugh. I have never forgiven us for leaving Skippy home.

21. I loved the Fairview 24th of July parade and activites they were so much fun.

22. I love animals of all sorts. EXCEPT GOATS!!! I hate goats.!!

23. I love to camp, fish, hike, go boating, four wheeling, and have a good old burn weiny on the fire.

24. Cottonwood Lake is one of my favorite places on the earth.

25. The love babies. Human and animal

26. I was a cheerleader for 5 years and loved it.

27. Clark Child and I won a disco dance contest in high school. I love to dance.

28. When I was doing a pep assembly, I was a park bum and my buttons on my shirt came off and I was in front of the whole student body stretching and yawning. And that is Not my most embarrassing moment.

29. My most embarrassing moment was when I left the gas nozzel in the tank as I drove off. SMART!!

30. I was Miss SVHS. Whatever that means.

31. For Senior Superlitives I was voted most preferred. Most preferred for what I don't know.

32. When i was 14 Stewart Peterson "the actor in 'Where the Red Fern Grows'", asked me on a date. Mom wouldn't let me go. Rauna was really mad at her because she loved movie stars. Mom said, "I don't care who he is, she' not going until she is 16. He never asked me out again. but I went out with his brother Steve.

33. I went to BYU and majored in PE with a minor in dance. I had a wonderful p.e. teacher (Lynette Olson) that made me realize that you can like sports and such and still look and act like a girl.

34. While at BYU i tried out for the International folk dance team and made it. It is one of my favorite memories of BYU.

35. While on the dance team a couple of us were asked to host at the sesquecentential ball in SLC. We would have the chance to meet with a lot of church leaders. I went to get my Lithuanian costume and asked for size 5 shoes. I got to the ball and they had given me 2 left shoes!!! It was'nt very comfortable. But funny.

36. After Christmas I started dating my wonderful husband!! We were married June 27 1980.

37. I love being married and having a family. It is my greatest blessing.

38. I love being in the temple.

39. I have seven wonderful children. They are the greatest. I love, love, love it when we can all be together.

40. I love to laugh.

41. My mom is the coolest. She is such a great example of being happy, truly happy regardless of what life hands out. I love her.

42. I have worked as a waitress.

43. Cleaned motel rooms. YUCK!

44. Ran a daycare in my home.

45. Taught pre-school.

46. Owned my own business. Tavaci School of Performing Arts director.

47. Been a CNA.

48. I am currently and Insurance Agent with Mikey. We actually like working together!!

49. I love to scare people.

50. I have a horrible habit of laughing when I see other people get hurt or fall down or something. It is just too dang funny.

51. When Mike and I were first married and I was pregant with Mandi we lived in a tent Sept and Oct while Mike was a hunting guide. It was really fun. I got to ride horses everyday. I did have to leave early because my pregancy was making me way sick.

52. Since I was 14 I have loved Mustangs and I finally have one.

53. My other favorite car is a Mercedes 450 sl Converible. I am still mad a Dell for selling Raunas.

54. My favorite calling in the church is the same as Nae's. Primary Chorister. Mike told me that no one should have as much fun at a calling as I did at that one.


56. I love a good Steak. Medium Rare of course.

57. I love seafood.

58. Crab and lobster are my favorites

59. I also love popcorn.

60. I love icecream and if my waistline could stand it, I would love to sit down and see how much I could eat at once sitting. It would be alot.

61. I say if you don't have popcorn or icecream on sunday you're not obeying the Sabbath.

62. I have a big appetite.

63. when we lived in Etna,( I just found this out about a year ago) when we had a ward get together, the men in the ward would bet how many times Lorna Allred and I would go back to refill our plates.

64. we have moved 15 times since we have been married.

65. I love living in SV

66. I love to excercise. It is a good thing!!

67. I love most kinds of music

68. I detest RAP

69. Christmas music is the best. I sometimes play it in July. I just tell Mike it is church music.

70. Gardening is one of my favorite things. I love to play in the dirt.

71. I am picky about my yard.

72. I love to mow it myself and Mike thinks I should let the kids get the experience but I have a hard time with it.

73. My favorite veggies are fresh peas from the garden

74.. Favorite fruit fresh rasberries

75. I love making homemade rootbeer and drinking it.

76. Homemade rootbeer reminds me of my childhood and going to Dales

77. One time MOM, Holly, Nae and I went to pick up the kids at Dales and Autumn decided she wanted to drive them home. So us old ladies walked home from Dales with our paper sack of candy.

78. Dales candy store was so much fun. One time we went to SLC and i was pretty disgusted that "they didn't even have a Dale's"

79. I can fall asleep very fast.

80 I can sleep most anywhere.

81. I am not much of a worrier most of the time

82. I love to watch storms come in. I love lightning and thunder. and a good ole fashioned blizzard.

83. My favorite flowers are daisies, purple coneflowers and irises. I like all flowers.

84. I love to watch the birds that come to my feeder and I like to find out what all of them are.

85. My biggest pet peave is when people think they are better than others. I hate bigotry.

86. I LOVE going to the movies. I miss my scarey movie buddy. WEET( and Mandi when she is home. ) It looks like megan is going to take their place.

87. I would rather clean all day than go to the grocery store.

88. I like to shop from catalogs

89. I love to decorate.

90. I like to think of new ways to use old stuff.

91. We are remodeling our house

92. I am currently staining baseboards and new doors for upstairs.

93. I have always wanted to be in a rock band. I have always wanted to play the drums.

94. I love to go to concerts and listen to live music.

95. I also love the sisters trip. I hope my girls do the same thing and take me along.

96. Love Football. It is the only time in my life I have wanted to be a boy.

97. I am in a tap dance group. it is so much fun. I like it because it embarrasses my children.

98. I almost forgot. i loved cartoons as a girl. I would get up VERY early on Sat mornings to watch. My favorites were Bug Bunny and Underdog. I would go out to the barn and grab dad and he would come watch underdog with me.

99. I want to take piano lessons again.

100. I also want to learn to paint watercolors and oils. I love to be artisic

101. My Most Important Top Three-- God, Family and Country

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hansen Pics

Breakfast for the younger ones!!

Beach Babes!!! Yeah!!!
Everyone is so happy to be at the parade!!

Fun With The FAM!!!

Even though you may have seen some of these pics on other blogs, I had to put them on mine. We had so much fun when "the kids" were here. It is the greatest having your family around. "I LOVE IT!!!"