Sunday, April 20, 2008


Mike convinced the Captain to let him "drive" the sail boat. He loved it.

Mike and I on our last night in florida.


Mike and I with the guitarist from Lynard Skynard!!!

Mike and I eating breakfast at the hotel. The background is the golf course that hosted the womens PGA tour this past weekend. It was so pretty!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Born To Be Wild

For one of the actvities for the Farm Bureau trip they had a "Born to be Wild" dinner and entertainment. They said the entertainment would be really good. When we were at the pool earlier our friend told us what it would be. You will not believe this. The band is make up of people from the Eagles, Santana, ToTo, Boston, Lynard Skynard, Journey and Stephenwolf. AAAAAHHHHH!!! I couldn't believe it. We were excited. When we got there a band from Chicago was playing and they were really good. We had a lot of fun. We sat on the grass and listened to them for about and hour or so. The 1st pic is of them. Then we went inside for the main entertainment. The stage is just there and know one is up to it!! So when anyone would get close I just stepped in front of them. I was standing to the right of the steps right next to the stage. They would come right up to you and sing in your face and let you play their guitar and I couldn't believe I was there. Mike had to stand back a little because he is taller but I stayed there for 3 hours having such a BLAST. It was cool because they played popular songs from each band. They ended with the best all time favorite song of anybody with any taste at all...."More Than a Feeling" by Boston. After ward we could go on stage and take pictures with them and talk to them. It was incredible.

We are so close to the band it is crazy!!!! The blonde guy is from Journey the last pic is of the lead singer of Santana!! Can you believe it!! I had so much fun. I promise the beer is not mine!! I was one of the few that could remember what fun we had that night. After the concert they brought a few of us up on the stage with them. You can see me rockin' out. Funny huh!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


We went on an everglades tour on air boats. It was way fun. We convinced our driver to "do brodies" as Denise called it. We call it donuts or cookies. Our driver (the man Mike is sitting by in the last pic) has been around the gators so much that they don't bother him. He can call them to him and he is feeding "mama". She is a wild gator that he has been around since she was little. It was really fun.. More Florida Pictures tomorrow.

Mike found a friend in Florida. Her name was Gina and she is from Haiti. She was pretty cute.
We went a dinner cruise to the infamous Brady mansion. (the drug lord Pres. Clinton pardoned. HELLO!!!) It was amazing. They took us on two ships so you can see the 2nd one behind us and how crowded it was in the little inlets. They used tug boats to make the tight turns. It was amazing to see all the HUGE HOUSES with boat slips out their backyard. Little kids were coming out and waving at us.
Russ and Denise and I on the top of the ship. Ali and Bridger Mackey are on the left of us for those who know them.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Turnberry beach

  • The Hotel has its own little area of beach that's just a short shuttle ride away.
  • Denise and I are sitting at the restaurant at the beach.
  • I didn't get enough at the restaurant so I thought I would have a little barnacle on the side.
  • The last picture is the shore line from the beach owned by the hotel. It was so much fun.

Laguna Pool

This is the pool at the hotel. It had a water slide behind the water fall and a lazy river as well. Notice the round loungers with shade? They were awesome. Waiters would come and take your order for lunch or something to drink right there. We were way spoiled.

Florida!!!! Fun!!!!

  • here are pics of our hotel room. It was pretty rough!!
  • Every day they would clean your room and every night they would come back in and clean again and pull down the bed covers and leave your water and slippers by your bed. CRAZY!!!!