Friday, September 17, 2010


Well we finally did it. For 20 years we have been planning to buy a road bike and go on tour. For our first ride we spent three days in the Yellowstone Park area doing the tourist thing. There is nothing like visiting the park on a bike.

Here we are set to ride.

Below is our favorite place to eat. In West Yellowstone we ate twice at Running Bear Pancake House.

Fire Hole Lake area.

Wayne and Camille McQuivey made our trip so fantastic by allowing us to stay at their oasis in Island Park.

Vandi worked on photography on the fly.

We will post additional photos in the days to come. For all you bikers, get in touch with us we would love to go ride.
Thanks to Clay and Jodie for tending the home fires. Also Tony for not burning the house to the ground.


sami jo and ryan said...

love this so much! you guys are such bad A's! (BAB)

love you so much! glad you finally got a break from everything.

Anonymous said...

LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! I am so excited for you. You guys look so awesome!!